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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Brittany Selle

This Thirty-Third Spring

A deep rooted bitterness

sits on my breast

directed at no one

and everyone.

My youth was robbed of me.

I never knew bare belly confidence

beyond the age of six

or learned the intimate safety

of holding hands

with a love you've

never even kissed

We are a long line of children

being raised by children

who held the same

stone of bitterness

within them-

so quick to grow up

and broken by life

Painful poison

I never knew the springtime

of my body

never learned her curves

but buried them

and hid with hair in my eyes

I disassociated,

forgot my hips.

no longer swaying

but frozen

the bowl of this pelvis

hardened over to stone.

And now, again, I'm thawing,

my 33rd winter come and gone

and I mourn the years

I let her grow over with neglect

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm sorry the world ravaged you

that you knew so little of love

and you offered your body up

a hostage

And now the task before me,

learn to love her

learn to be loved

so imperfect

the springtime of my past a battlefield.

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry

You're safe,

I think...

safe to push up through that soil.

Having died and rebirthed myself

many times over

in these 33 trips around the sun

Today, I learn to love her,

barefoot and bare-breasted

and kiss her curves like the sunshine

before one more second

of this Spring is wasted.